Header Bidding Implementation – Step by Step Guide

Basically, the main benefit is Header Bidding Implementation core concept — it allows publishers to upturn bidding competition on a per-impression basis, which rises the price and increase total advertising revenue. By taking cross marketplace bids and placing them in the first auction/market, all marketplaces vie for the impression.Header bidding implementation is also sometimes referred to as ‘advance bidding implementation’, ‘tagless’, or ‘pre-bid’ integrations. header bidding implementation



Why You Need Programmatic Advertising

Analytic information, info graphic and development website statistic
Analytic information, info graphic and development website statistic.

So as to directly stick to the subject, let’s start by giving you a short and simple definition as to what Programmatic Advertising is. Programmatic Advertising, in its essence, is the automated trading of advertising inventory. In other words Programmatic Advertising uses software for the aim of buying and selling advertising unlike the traditional way of advertising trading that involved manual insertion orders or was carried out by online marketers resulting in a number of negotiations and discussions between the different sides of the trading procedure.

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Why to Choose Native Ads

Native-Programmatic-2Here is another form of online advertising – Native Ads. Being a new term in the online marketing sphere Native Ads have gained a lot of popularity due to all the advantages that advertisers can get from them. In spite of the fact that the term is far no news to online marketers, most of them are still having difficulty in understanding the essence of native ads and the proper ways they should be used to attract more traffic and become more profitable.

So let’s first define the concept of Native Ads. To cut it as short and simple as possible, we should say that Native Ads are types of online advertisements that look like a standard website in their form i.e. they merge with its content and design in a way that makes consumers interested and attracted to them on the other hand they are to be paid for and as a distinctive feature they are usually made or created by advertisers and not by publishers. Companies have started getting more and more benefits from Native Ads and one of the reasons for this is that unlike the traditional banner ads, Native Ads attract much more attention. What’s the secret that Native Ads hide behind themselves and get so much attention at the same time generating more traffic? The answer to this question is actually quite simple: Native Ads resemble content which means that they look like the things people search on the Internet, things that are eye-catching or somehow inspiring.

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Three Huge Ad Trends You Won’t Ignore

ads-generic1-ss-1920-800x450The only way of survival through the digital world is adaptation, especially when it comes down to advertising and making profit through selling ads and interaction with the consumers. Methods such as retargeting and native advertising changed the interface of whole digital marketing which generated higher return on investment. So, this year, advertisers will continue in classic ways to buy ad space on website and generate digital content. We’ve kept a track on the shift in ad trends and decided to introduce to you three huge ad trends.

Ad Trends – Direct guaranteed Programmatic

Ad Trends – Video Ads

Ad Trends – Advertising That Works Best for User Experience

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Header Bidding Wrapper

header-bidding_ss_1200The essential technical and operational advantages are what header bidding wrappers provide and that provide a number of them. These, on the other hand, enable publishers to operate with multiple header bidding solutions at the same time. To make sure partners in that business have their bid requests triggered at once an asynchronous container is integrated in the features of header bidding wrapper. This is a global timeout setting to see how long the browser stays tuned for the bidders to give a response. This also helps to team up with a particular “adaptor” that enables the wrapper to decode all bids into a good old key value for the ad server.

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4 Elements that Shape Digital Advertising Platform

ads-generic1-ss-1920-800x450Digital and traditional advertising are no separate units and do not compete as well, but together they form the combination of ad options and revenue flows. Hence  there is not a precise division between mobile and digital ads; there are four powerful forces that create the online ad platform:

  • Mobile ads
  • Video ads
  • Native ads
  • Programmatic ads                                                                                                                             Source: http://www.adopsguys.com/about-us/blog/

Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing

If there is that one thing that’s always a few steps ahead of us it is internet marketing. Moving at a really high pace this marketing platform is the best. If we already persuaded you to get involved all you have to possess are the well-developed critical thinking skills, creativity in al it’s sizes, shapes and forms and inclination to act independently.

These are crucial to keep up with the highly versatile industry and take the best out of it. This beginner’s guide is to empower you to take the bait.

Why Internet Marketing

This piece is for just about everyone starting from skilled entrepreneurs going all the way to small business owners and ordinary individuals that are passionate about taking their businesses to another level by integrating with Internet marketing. The key here is to optimize your performance online and gain the highest profits from simply being part the wide net. Internet marketing is your opportunity to widen horizons and gain audience while expanding your chances in making higher revenue with a blink of an eye.

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Top 3 Header Bidding Benefits

V3_Digiday-1A recent technological boom in digital advertising- header bidding, has immediately gained the love and attention of publishers due to its benefit of increasing revenue for ad inventory. Recent study shows that almost 70% of publishers has already adopted the new tech so that to have lift in revenue. Header bidding (also known as pre- bidding and advanced bidding), is a type of programmatic advertising when the javascript code is placed in the sites header which launches auction for the buyers (i.e. for advertisers). The highest bid offered by the advertisers is sent to the publisher’s ad server.  In a nutshell, this new technology increases the price for ad space. Header bidding opens up a vast variety of opportunities not only for publishers, but also for advertisers, several of which are listed below.

# 1 Offers visibility of inventory

# 2 Provides maximum revenue

# 3 Reduces the amount of passbacks

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Top 5 Ad Network Advantages

adnetworkWidely used for monetization ad network is the tool you must have access to for developing your online business. Ad network is the technology which connects advertisers with publishers. According to a research carried out by Econsultancy and Rubicon Project the main benefits of ad networks from advertisers’ perspective are – increased reach, flexible payment models and lower costs. Ad networks are preferable not only for advertisers, but also for publishers. From publisher’s perspective ad networks offer easier way to sell a large amount of inventory. So, to have a better understanding about ad networks, look through the top 5 ad network advantages listed below.

 N1 Easier way to reach the audience

N2 Targeting options

N3 Efficient cost

N4 High ROI Level

N5 Wide Offer

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Top 5 Misconceptions in Digital Marketing

slider_0000_5-misconceptions-about-Digital-marketingThe following are the list of nonsense about digital marketing you will keep hearing from here and there when you are knew in this market.

  • Digital marketing is only for small businesses
  • This platform is not of that high importance when it comes to the company’s business strategy
  • Creating a website is all you have to do for digital marketing
  • My competitors are not entering the digital marketing world, thus, I see no need to do either
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