Top 3 Header Bidding Benefits

V3_Digiday-1A recent technological boom in digital advertising- header bidding, has immediately gained the love and attention of publishers due to its benefit of increasing revenue for ad inventory. Recent study shows that almost 70% of publishers has already adopted the new tech so that to have lift in revenue. Header bidding (also known as pre- bidding and advanced bidding), is a type of programmatic advertising when the javascript code is placed in the sites header which launches auction for the buyers (i.e. for advertisers). The highest bid offered by the advertisers is sent to the publisher’s ad server.  In a nutshell, this new technology increases the price for ad space. Header bidding opens up a vast variety of opportunities not only for publishers, but also for advertisers, several of which are listed below.

# 1 Offers visibility of inventory

# 2 Provides maximum revenue

# 3 Reduces the amount of passbacks

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