Why to Choose Native Ads

Native-Programmatic-2Here is another form of online advertising – Native Ads. Being a new term in the online marketing sphere Native Ads have gained a lot of popularity due to all the advantages that advertisers can get from them. In spite of the fact that the term is far no news to online marketers, most of them are still having difficulty in understanding the essence of native ads and the proper ways they should be used to attract more traffic and become more profitable.

So let’s first define the concept of Native Ads. To cut it as short and simple as possible, we should say that Native Ads are types of online advertisements that look like a standard website in their form i.e. they merge with its content and design in a way that makes consumers interested and attracted to them on the other hand they are to be paid for and as a distinctive feature they are usually made or created by advertisers and not by publishers. Companies have started getting more and more benefits from Native Ads and one of the reasons for this is that unlike the traditional banner ads, Native Ads attract much more attention. What’s the secret that Native Ads hide behind themselves and get so much attention at the same time generating more traffic? The answer to this question is actually quite simple: Native Ads resemble content which means that they look like the things people search on the Internet, things that are eye-catching or somehow inspiring.

Source: http://www.adopsguys.com/about-us/blog/


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